Ginger: A Powerful Medicinal Root

Ginger: A Powerful Medicinal Root 

Ginger is a plant that originated in Southeast Asia. It belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and is closely related to turmeric, galangal and cardamom. The underground part of its stems, i.e., the rhizome, is the most commonly used part of this plant, although it is more commonly known as ginger root. The medicinal properties and health benefits of ginger have been long established in Chinese and Indian traditions, of which ginger is an intricate part of the cuisine. 

This medicinal root contains an oil called gingerol, which has many benefits that are gaining more popularity as new studies(1) are being conducted. Listed here are some medicinal benefits of ginger, which have been established by traditional and scientific research.

Weight Management

Many feel they need supplements for their weight loss journey. Ginger could be a natural alternative. Studies(2) show ginger can support a healthy metabolism and a healthy inflammation response.* Many believe a daily dose of ginger can be very effective in weight management regardless of the amount of fat intake. 

Provides Natural Discomfort Relief

American Physician Dr. Michael Greger conducted extensive research(3) on ginger's effectiveness in treating migraines, which concluded that it was just as productive as some prescription medication.* On the plus side, there were fewer side effects associated with ginger. It has also been shown to help to aid with menstrual pain and joint discomfort.*

Helps Fight infections

Many in the science community believe ginger to be a natural antibiotic. Gingerol, the powerful bioactive compound present in ginger, has been shown to treat several infections such as candidiasis, gingivitis and periodontitis.* It is also a popular natural remedy to prevent the common cold and cough.

Improves Digestion

Research(4) says that ginger's enzymes can help in the breakdown and expulsion of gases formed during digestion, thus providing relief from the discomfort.* Ginger can promote digestion by improving the absorption of nutrients, and helps in bowel movement, making it a possible treatment for constipation.*

Alleviates Nausea

The benefits of ginger have also been shown to help provide relief from occasional nausea, vomiting and morning sickness. A 2021 study (5) suggested ginger was effective in reducing nausea caused by chemotherapy.* 

In addition to these benefits, ginger can also support healthy blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health. Ginger can be used in many ways to reap its benefits. Ginger Powder can be used as a spice while cooking vegetables and meat. Ginger Capsules are another easy way to enjoy the benefits of this superfood.

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