8 Daily Self-Care Rituals

Self-care is more than treating yourself to a nice dinner or going to a spa. It is a form of art; the art of understanding yourself and giving your body and mind the care and attention it needs. 

Self-care practices are about the little things, the small details that form a meaningful relationship with yourself. 

Here are eight daily self-care rituals that you can practice.

8 Daily Self-Care Rituals

Meditate and practice mindfulness

Developing a habit of meditation can be life-changing. Studies show daily meditation can help reduce stress, improve concentration and support a healthy immune system.* 

You can start by using apps that help in guided meditation, or you can do it on your own. Post meditation, drink some herbal tea to enhance the Zen feeling.

Watch what you eat

Eating an entire tub of ice cream could seem like a self-care activity, until you finish and feel overindulged. Changing the way you view food is a great way to kickstart your self-care routine.

Having wholesome and nourishing food can help keep you physically healthy and energized. For example, adding superfood powders to a morning smoothie can give your body balanced nutrition to start the day on the right track. 

Get enough sleep

Busy lifestyles can result in inadequate sleep, which then leads to stress and a lack of focus. 

Most of us require 7-8 hours of sleep every night for optimal health. Studies show that long-term sleep deprivation can result in conditions like dementia and heart attacks.* 

To improve your sleep, you can try creating a nighttime ritual to unwind. For example, sipping a cup of Moon Milk while journaling.

Try to spend some time in nature

Try to spend some time outdoors every day. It elevates your mood and relieves stress. Go for a morning or evening walk to your nearby park, or simply sit outside on your coffee break. 

Breathe in the fresh air and indulge your senses by connecting with nature. 

Sweat it out 

Put on your headphones and sweat it out! If the traditional way of lifting weights or running on machines is too boring for you, try playing any sport or outdoor activity you enjoy. 

A CMAJ study by the Division of Respiratory Medicine shows that high fitness levels and regular physical activity are associated with a reduced risk of premature death from any cause and cardiovascular diseases.* 

Embrace your hobbies 

Try taking up a hobby that you enjoy and develop it into daily practice. This can be anything from dancing, singing, painting, crafting to even reading a book. Essentially, turn your hobby time into your "me time" that helps you relax and unwind better.

Stay away from screens

Try the occasional digital detox by staying away from any online content. Have parts of the day you do not use your phone. Immerse yourself in your real life and what's happening around you. It is going to make you more self-aware!

Practice gratitude

Gratitude lets you stay in the present and fully appreciate the people and opportunities you have. Every day take time to reflect on the things in your life that you are grateful for. Try and focus on the little things, like your morning coffee, chatting with a friend or the weather. 

When you make practicing gratitude part of your daily ritual, you’ll find yourself feeling abundance, instead of dwelling on what you might think you lack. 

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