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Have you been to a farmer’s market recently? Today, there are around 8,600 registered under the United States Farmer’s Market Directory.  

These markets are part of a unique initiative for creating a more sustainable planet and protecting the livelihoods of farmers. 

Whether you’ve been many times before or are planning on going soon, these tips will help you make the most of our local farmer’s market. 

Know what you need 

Although being a spontaneous shopper can be fun, it can also make you spend unnecessarily on things you don’t need. Make sure to have, in mind, the meals you want to buy ingredients for ahead of time. Even if you have a good memory, writing out a list to take with you is always a good idea. 

Don’t be afraid to ask

Ask before buying a product you’re unsure about. This will help you go home with a ton more information about the item or even with some new recipes. Whether you want to know the taste or ripeness, asking for help will get you exactly what you want, while building a relationship with your local farmer. 

Always buy seasonal produce

Before going to the farmer’s market, do some research online about what items are in season, especially if you’re looking to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Produce that’s in season is a lot tastier than those grown off-season. Fruits and vegetables available for a particular season are nature's very own way of recommending what your body needs in that climate.

More importantly, buying seasonal produce also helps the environment by cutting down on carbon emissions. A University of Michigan study  indicates that food transport accounts for around 11% of the total carbon emissions. 

Be open to explore

Don’t be too rigid with everything you are buying. You may come across new products or items that you haven’t tried before, so be open to experimenting. Maybe you planned on buying spinach, but you see red kale and want to see how it goes with your pasta. Let yourself explore new vegetables you normally do not see in the grocery store. 

Keep cash 

Although credit and debit cards are also accepted, most farmers prefer you make your small purchases through cash. Also, keep smaller denominations handy. It is most likely that the farmer you are buying from won’t have change for a hefty bill. 

Be kind

While you’re at it, keep in mind to be thankful and kind to the farmers who work so hard to get your food on the table. 

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