10 Ways You Can Feel Good This Summer

Long days, warm weather, there are so many reasons to love the summertime.

Looking for inspiration on how to make the most of this summer? Here are 10 ways to FeelGood this season. 

1. Declutter your environment

An elaborate room cleaning session is a great way to kickstart the summer. Get rid of all the stuff that no longer brings you joy. 

Once it’s all cleaned up, revamp your room by adding some new decor. You can even put a few plants, maybe even some herbs, in your windowsill. 

2. Get an inflatable pool 

Pool parties might not be on the table this summer. However, setting up an inflatable pool in your backyard is a fun alternative. 

Slice up some watermelon with your friends and family and relax in your very own pool while sipping on a superfood cocktail

3. Upgrade your wardrobe

Add some pizzazz to your wardrobe this summer by going on a shopping spree.

Try out new styles and accessories. Clothes with strap details, side cutouts, and tie-dyes are in this season. Consider helping the environment by buying some clothes used from consignment stores and online retail stores like ThredUp.

4. Mini makeover

This summer you might be seeing some people for the first time, in a long time. It’s a good opportunity to give yourself a mini makeover.  

Chopping off a few inches of hair or mustering up the courage to get balayage hair highlights can make you feel like a new and confident person. 

5. Go camping

Many realized last summer how much fun camping can be! Being in nature is therapeutic and provides you the opportunity to connect with yourself. 

Camping over the fire is one of the best parts of a camping trip! Switch it up from your typical hot dog and potato salad. Try something unique like turmeric chicken salad and baked kale chips.

6. Baking

Everyone loves desserts! However, you don’t need to rely on bakeries to get your brownie and cheesecake fix. 

With so many easy recipes on YouTube and Pinterest, baking is a hobby you should consider for this summer. Try adding some superfood powders to your baked goods for a healthy boost!

7. Music

This past year we were not able to enjoy as much live music and new releases as we were used to. This summer, expand your musical horizons and try out other genres and artists. 

FKA Twigs, Grimes, and JMSN can be great additions to your iTunes and Spotify playlists. 

8. Live the fit life

Do you know that working out makes your body release the chemical endorphins, which help make you happy? It also helps suppresses stress hormones such as adrenaline cortisol.*

Squeeze in a 15 minute cardio routine in the morning or go for a run a couple of times a week to get your endorphins flowing. Boost your energy even more with a pre-workout shot!

9. Eat Healthy Superfoods

If you really want to FeelGood this summer, add more nutritious foods to your diet. Adding superfoods to your dishes will nourish your body and can make your skin glow too.*

Adding nutrient-rich foods like amla powder and acai powder in your meals will support your immune system and energy levels.*

10. Make ice cream and popsicles at home

Cold treats are one of the best parts of summer. With an ice cream maker, preparing ice cream at home becomes a seemingly easy process, and you can go for any flavor. 

Making popsicles can be even easier; you would just need to purchase a plastic cup mold, a cling wrap, and some pop sticks. Try a unique recipe, like acai popsicles!

What are you most excited for this summer? Let us know what FeelGood plans you have this season in the comments below. 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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