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Substitute for creamer in tea and coffee?

Hi, I was a fan of the old version of the MCT Oil powder. The new version clumps and leaves an oily residue in coffee and tea.
A year ago you said,
"We are looking into bringing the old formula back as a coffee creamer product. We're glad we could help provide you with the formula you like for the next few months. We expect to have the old one back later this fall. Thank you"
Did you ever bring back the old version back as a creamer substitute? Doesn't look like it. Any chance that is still in the works? Thanks. Marilyn

Good Product

I have been taking this product for approx. 2 weeks and so far, I seem to feel better and seem healthier.

Not sure. How should I feel after 2 weeks?


I have a lot more energy after taking this probduct

Feel Super Good

I was skeptical about this at first but it seems the longer i am on them the better i feel. I have been taking them for 3 months and will continue. I am a 51 year old factory worker and am very satisfied.

Vita Fruits



I know ginger is good for you so I decided to buy some. Is it doing anything IDK. But because of the prices I’m able to try multiple products. No middle man.

Compare to juice plus

I took Juice Plus for 10yrs and they finally priced me out of their product. I chose feel good for their ingredients and price. So far so good.

Burst of energy

I like drinking these shots when I’m feeling sluggish. Lots of fruits and vegetables in the ingredients.

Life saver

I had weight loss surgery and I definitely need these to live. I feel much better and I make sure I have these on hand at all times. Delivery is prompt and I wouldn't try anything different.

Hello Joseph, we feel honored to be a part of your health journey!

Good or bad

Had my first order delivered belive I can feel a difference. Am going to order another hope to really notice a difference for sure worth the effort

Hello John, we hope you continue feeling a difference while taking the Vita Fruits + Veggies!

Vita fruits & veggie

Really feel a different in my energy since only taken for a month. Will order agay

Hi Susan, thank you so much for giving our product a try! We are thrilled to hear that you are feeling a difference in your energy levels since taking them.

feeling good

Best fruit and vegetables supplement I been taking this pill for a month now and I feel energetic. I order 2 bottles this time this is my second order.

Hi Antonio, we are thrilled to hear that you are feeling more energetic!

Feeling good

I love the way I feel and knowing I am getting all my fruits and vegetables all in one capsule. Best purchase I could have made at a great price☺

Hi Patricia, we are so happy to hear that our Vita Fruits + Veggies are complimenting your diet!

My opinion

Works well with me.

Hello Jerry, we are happy to hear that the Vita Fruits + Veggies are working for you!

Vita Fruits + Veggies (60 Capsules)

Hi Kelly, thank you for your 5-star rating!


my wife has terrible menstrual symptoms. did some research and ginger helps with reducing the pain and I’m taking my chance with this !

Hi Jalen, we really hope that your wife starts feeling some relief!

add to cart

i seen you guys got this again !!!!!! i’m very grateful for this!!!! you guys are the best !!!!!! of course i added this to my cart !!!!!


I take these daily, and would not want to be without them. I feel very reassured about getting a better nutrition with these in my day diet.

Hi P. Ruby, we are thrilled to hear that you are taking our Vita Fruits + Veggies on a daily basis!


I am so glad I tried this. I believe it is working to give me a healthier digestive system! Yay!!!

Hello Anna, thank you for giving our products a try!

I think it’s helping!

I’ve been taking this about 2 months. I believe my pain level is consistently lower than before I started taking it.

Hi Anna, we are thrilled to hear that your pain levels are decreasing!


I am taking these to supplement my diet. I feel that I have mor energy.

Hi Anna, we are happy to hear that you are feeling more energetic!

Feel good

I am feeling much better I have to taking the feel good supplement

Nothing great

Feel Good is Great

I feel better since I have been taking Feel Good Vitamins. They are really a great price compaired to others.

Hi Dana, we are thrilled to hear that you are loving our vitamins and our prices!