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Superfood Mix (12 oz)


My husband uses this and with him having Crohns, it really helps him in everything!!

feel good

I'm 77 years old I believe feel good super foods makes me feel better and my doctor appointments ha e bee better

Immune Support Shot - Fruit Punch

I love these vitamins!

60-day supply is so nice, and only have to take one a day! I take it in the morning with water and Greek yogurt. These do not upset my stomach at all. I am very happy with this product and definitely recommend it!

Better than swallowing tablets!

Easy to use, tastes very good. Better than swallowing tablets. Too soon to tell if my body is feeling the benefit from taking this since it hasn’t been a month yet.

Vita fruits and veggies

Great product! My grandson refuses to eat fruits and veggie tables so I open a capsule mix it in a bit of water ( you can smell the veggies and the fruit!) then I add his milk and chocolate and he drinks it down with breakfast! My husband and I take it and it has made a difference in our overall health. Thank you for the quality of your product!!
Maria E

New energy!

I’m SO pleased with this new “pep-in-my-step!” I feel renewed, refreshed and I sleep better at night. It’s a pleasure to enjoy all the benefits of eating fruit & veggies without actually eating them everyday!

Fruit and veggies

I really like this. I have stomach issues and can't eat a lot of veggies. It's a great supplement and you don't have to take 5 or 6 a day. I also like the individual account for your personal needs. It also appears you local. Hurray colorado.

Start your day

Add it to my morning smoothie to start my day. Great taste.

Great product!

My wife and I have been taking for several months. Gives us both more energy and focus. Noticed a change the first time we took them. We're not big veggie eaters so this works great for us.

Love the mushroom caps!

I take two caps once a day unless I’m feeling like I’m getting down or sick and I increase to two caps twice a day. They are so much more affordable than any other mushroom combo product I’ve seen so I can double it up when I need to. My immunity is as strong as it’s ever been!

Loving it

I have more energy and am sleeping better. Really enjoying this product.

Recipes are worth trying

Thanks to the Recipes section of the website, I was inspired to try FeelGood Superfoods Coconut MCT Oil Powder in oatmeal. It was enjoyable to make and try something new!

Very good product great price happy with results

Vita fruit & vegetables

Excellent product, feel healthy with more energy. I'm not a big veggie eater so it really helps me. Thanks!

sold out again

can the feel good organic team stock up again !!! i need this powder immediately!!!

Great Product

Good Price Get great sleeps

This tablet method is convenient but the strength levle is good for my needs.

great review

I take this every day. It works pretty good. Great buy for the money

Giving it a try

Too soon to tell, but my daughter with RA has been taking them for a month or so and seems to have a little more energy. Hopefully it will do the same for my husband and I. Since we are not great at getting consistent fruits and veggies in our diet, hopefully this will help.

Good product

Much cheaper than my previous supplements and just as good.

Truly am feeling better

Five months ago, I was really weak and light-headed when a neighbor recommended Feel Good. My doctor approved and it is surprising how much better I am now. Feel Good has been great for me!!

Great value

I chose these over balance of nature for 2 reasons. One, you only have to take one a day vs. 3. And the value. Your basically getting the same thing for a lot less. Been taking a couple of weeks and feel good.

Good veggie and fruit supplement

Product is as described. Definitely a much more affordable alternative to Balance of Nature but not nearly as potent. So far worth the money.