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Black sediment in beet powder

I am sad to write this however think everyone should know. I’ve been stirring and drinking the beet powder and noticed a gritty feel (as stated in reviews) but didn’t think much of it since it seemed like a good brand. Yesterday my mom drank it after it settled a little and noticed black residue after the bright beet residue was gone. She did not ‘feel good’ about it so did a test today in a bowl and showed me. There was black sediment in the bowl and now I am concerned about how clean these dried beets are and the filler of dirt we have consumed. Emailed the company and spreading the word because we deserve the quality we pay for. I was so excited we didn’t have to prepare, boil and blend as much beets for smoothies but now I’m very disappointed.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. We have emailed you to make things right!

Good health

Thanks love what it does for me

Vita Fruits + Veggies (60 Capsules)

Works Great!

Have been taking for about 3 months and my energy level has improved immensely. Easy to take and it makes you feel good to know that you are doing something good for your body. I will continue to take for a long time as I feel the benefits.


product has decreased my blood pressure

Turmeric Curcumin (60 Gummies)
Norma Salinas-Feldman
Love this Gummies

The gummies taste do good and I believe they are working

My daily pick me up

I feel energized after drinking this shot in the morning.

Good stuff

can feel the difference

Fruit and Veggie capules

I been taking the capules for several months and feel it contributes to my overall well being. The price is reasonable and I intend to contiue to take the capules.

The easy way to get your fruits and veggies!

I have been happy with my subscription to Feel Good superfoods. I have seen other similiar multivitamins advertised but had sticker shock from the cost . I think Feel Good has a reasonable price for their products and i plan on trying their probiotics and other products. I would recommend

Enjoying the fruit punch flavor immune support shot. It is a great way to start the morning!


Just like the name, this product makes you FEELGOOD

Ginger Powder (7 oz)
Mark Armenta
Feel good ginger powder

I'm so glad that trader Joe's was out of their ginger powder because when I ordered feel good organic ginger powder I could tell it was a better quality and taste along with feel goods other products that I have come to love which includes matcha green tea powder and beet juice powder and turmeric powder love this company


Starting using this product over a year ago. Within a couple of weeks I could tell a difference in my energy level and how I felt. Works for me........

Mushroom Blend (60 Capsules)
Christopher Miller
Great product!

I would highly recommend this product.

My husband and I both take them nd we feel much better.

Convenient way to get vitamins

The only reason I’m leaving 4 stars is because it tastes slightly medicinal, but otherwise a convenient way to get a quick shot of great vitamins!

I am very satisfied with your product

Thank you!

Thank you for the outstanding product! It was nice to find the vita fruits + veggies as a way to supplement our diet. It's a very convenient way to make sure we get in these necessary vitamins & minerals each day.

No Difference

Haven’t noticed a difference yet!


I’ve been taking the fruits and veggies for about 4 or 5 months so far, but haven’t noticed any changes in my energy levels or health in general. I will continue to take the balance of 3 months and then make a decision, about making an additional purchase.
Len C.

Great product

Very good product same as balance of nature but less expensive

So far so good

Great stuff so far !


Great taste and very convenient. It’s a wonderful way to get an immune boost, especially during this post-Covid world we currently live in.

Great supplement!

Started taking Feelgood a week ago and am feeling better every day. Highly recommend!