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Turmeric Root Powder - Fortified (7 oz)

Our fortified turmeric root powder is an enhanced version of our original turmeric powder that will provide you with maximum curcumin benefits and optimal absorption. 

Made with pure 95% organic curcuminoids extract, our fortified organic turmeric powder also uses black pepper spice for maximum wellness and extra zest. The fortified blend gives you more of the spice’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

FeelGood Organic Superfoods Fortified Turmeric Powder will enhance your drinks, smoothies and culinary dishes. This nutrient-rich superfood powder is non-GMO, gluten free and vegan-friendly

Fortified turmeric root powder supports a healthy inflammation response and can help support healthy joints. 

Fortified Turmeric Root Powder Benefits*

  • A stronger immune system
  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Improved joint health
  • Improved digestion and increased nutrient absorption
  • Healthier skin and nails

FeelGood Organic Superfoods also offers pure curcumin extract and turmeric in capsule form.  

Raw & Pure Turmeric From India

FeelGood Organic Superfoods sources ingredients from their indigenous regions to maintain sustainability and ensure purity. There are no additives or fillers in our organic fortified turmeric root powder. We are dedicated to caring for our bodies and our planet. 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Been using this for years

This tumeric blends well and is not too strong helps my body with inflammation


Love the benefits the turmeric have to offer. Taste great in pancakes!! The product could of been a bit larger and come with a scoop.

Size squeeze

Great product but what happen to the 16oz I bought last time

Great product

I've been using turmeric for years to help reduce inflammation due to lupus. This product is so convenient - and it is stronger than the spice aisle turmeric i used to buy. It is fortified with extra curcuminoids and black pepper extract. No more having a peppers shaker next to my turmeric! I do wish a larger container were still available - at 1-2 scoops a day, it can go fast!

The best Turmeric!!!

I've tried quite a few different brands and this by far is the best!!! Love it!!! You be disappointed! A+++ Just purchased the beet powder and going to add it to my smoothy.

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