What Does the Doctor Say About Berberine?

We asked our own medical expert what he thinks about Berberine.  Here is what he had to say.

Berberine is a plant alkaloid that is extremely rare.  Rare because there is legitimate research regarding blood glucose regulation, maintaining healthy hormone levels, anti obesity effects, and anti-inflammatory effect via reduction of COX 2 and PGE2 inflammatory markers. In short, Berberine has a positive impact on nearly every metabolic pathway of the body. As a surgeon of 15 years and based on my nutritional review I strongly recommend Berberine as a part of every person's daily intake.

Berberine is the real deal. There are so many false claims these days on so many products.  It is so encouraging to have a product that is trustworthy.   Berberine dramatically impacts almost every system of the body from the cardiovascular to endocrine.  I would recommend Berberine as a daily health supplement to everyone.

I am so impressed with FeelGood’s new Berberine product.  It is spot on.  Berberine promotes healthy metabolism in nearly every component of our bodies.  My review of the literature on Berberine impressed me so much I have made it part of what I recommend to my patients and my family.

Berberine is outstanding.   In my review of this plant alkaloid I was amazed at the range of  Berberine benefits,  Berberine improves blood glucose regulation,  lowers inflammation, diminishes cardiovascular disease risk and enhances metabolic pathways. Simply stated, Berberine is one of the few components that every person should take daily to promote long term health with immediate benefits.

Berberine is a plant alkaloid with scientific evidence that demonstrates improved blood glucose regulation – therefore improving weight management,  lowering risk of cardiovascular disease, decreases inflammation and is essential for overall health. As a surgeon and nutritional formulator, I highly recommend Berberine.

-Marc Stevens, M.D. is a Surgeon with over 20 years of experience.  He has utilized nutrition in his management of patients and has formulated nutritional compounds for nearly 15 years.

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