Black Cumin Seed Powder (7 oz)

Pure & Natural Organic Superfood
Black Cumin Seed has a rich history of use dating back to ancient Egypt. Used
topically by Cleopatra for its restorative power on skin and hair and commonly
used by Hippocrates for its powerful digestive benefits. Recent research
suggests that black cumin may be very effective in treating the symptoms of
autoimmune disorders. Black Cumin is also packed with several mineral and
amino acid complexes, which assist in maintaining cellular health.

Health benefits:

  • May help improve hair health
  • May help improve digestion
  • May offer immune system support
  • Supports cellular development and overall general health


We source our products from their indigenous regions to maintain sustainability and ensure that potency, quality and purity are uncompromised. We are dedicated to caring for our bodies and our planet because a healthy lifestyle makes you FEEL GOOD.


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